UPDATED 8/2020
Augmented Annotation and Orthologue Analysis for Oryctolagus cuniculus

Better Bunny is an easy to use tool designed primarily to augment Agilent's transcriptome-wide rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus, gene expression microarray by:

  • providing up-to-date descriptions and gene names from Ensembl and NCBI for nearly all 12,000 array genes
  • adding over 35,000 gene ontology (GO) terms for biological processes, cellular components and molecular functions *
  • providing orthologous gene information from human, rat and mouse for nearly all array genes, most with >50% identity
  • providing dynamic database links to all gene, transcript and protein identifiers
  • providing gene set functional annotation analysis for rabbit and any selected orthologous species through DAVID

Better Bunny also includes additional annotations for more than 20,000 gene identifiers not included on the Agilent microarray.

* most gene ontology (GO) terms in Ensembl are derived from other species via the UniProt database